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Archive Monthly Archives: May 2017

Don’t overthink it

Am I guilty of this sin?

Absolutely. Especially when I started out as a writer many years ago.

But if it keeps you from writing books because you think it must be complicated and take months of hard work, you’re not helping yourself.

Or your readers.

Most of today’s readers want short books. Books that are to the point and without fluff or filler. Books with one topic only, not two, not three, and especially not four.

One topic only.

I agree with them. Lately, I’ve bought books about different topics, and one of them got several bad reviews from people who disliked that the author tried to handle two topics in the book.

She would have done better with two books – one for each topic.

And the topics don’t have to be complicated either. Keep it simple. You know one such that is hugely popular, in demand, and which doesn’t have too much competition?


And there’s still room for your book on the shelves.

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How do your characters react?

There’s a method to most people’s madness, and that includes your characters, too.

They react based on very specific issues, and if you get it wrong, your characters will seem unreal.

How do you know the right way a character is supposed to react?

There’s a simple way to find out. You use the letters A, B, and C, and you’ll know exactly how everyone in a scene should react.

This helps you create believable characters with a growth arc as well as show conflicts to your scenes. (No, that doesn’t mean arguments, by the way.)

Wanna know more about the ABC Character Method?

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What’s between A and C?

You think that’s a stupid question?

You should see how many people are unaware of the answer.

I know, because my husband is a psychotherapist, and his main tool consists of the first letters of the alphabet.

And while reading a book about how to be funny, it dawned on my that my characters needed therapy. No, my writing needed therapy.

By adding the ABC Method to my writing, I gained several advantages.

The biggest one? My characters come to life in a natural way that also adds more conflict to the scenes.

But there’s more, of course.

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Uh oh

Two days ago, I sent you a link to where you could get a free template for your author page.

But if you don’t have a blog, you don’t have much use for it, do you?

So how do you get an author blog? And what do you add to it as a nonfiction writer?

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How to find a topic you know how to write about

One of the hardest things about writing is beginning.

I have always been bad at physics, but from memory, I think it’s called “the law of Inertia”. Or something like that.

It’s what makes it necessary to have three levels of fuel on a space rocket, so it can overcome that first hurdle.

I’m on thin ice here. Did I mention not being good at physics? Anyway, I think you get the picture. Starting is hard.

Once you overcome that part, you’re flying.

If you dream about publishing nonfiction books, you might feel stuck already at the first step: Finding a topic.

Sure, there are hundreds, thousands, even millions of topics, but it has to be one you can write about, right?

In Abracada-Book, I make it easy to find a topic.

Better yet, it will be a topic you can easily write about.

But I don’t leave you on your own from there. I take you by the hand and lead you through your book, paragraph by paragraph.

This is where you can grab the book http://malka.biz/abracadabook/

It comes with a cool cheatsheet.

Less than 2 hours left

You have only roughly 1h35m left to get access to my Socrates Plotting workshop plus blueprint for 87% off.

If you want an easy way to go from idea (sandkorn) to plot, then here’s where you should click to get it for a very low price.

But you have to hurry 🙂


Cool pressie to help you sell more books

What is holding you back from making a full-time income from your writing?

You might feel that it’s your writing. You should probably write shorter sentences. Longer sentences. Or be better at mixing them up.

Or maybe you should publish not only on Kindle, but also on CreateSpace, Lulu, Barnes & Nobles, etc.

Or maybe it’s your covers, your lack of editor and proofreader.

Or the description on your book.

Of course, all these things should be in order, but I’ve seen horrible written books make it. I’ve seen horrible covers on best-seller lists.

There’s one thing you must avoid if you want to make it with your books:


It doesn’t matter how great your book is, if readers aren’t aware that it exists.

So you need to become the type of author that readers talk about, and whose books they’ll love to review and share.

And there’s a simple, yet effective way to reach that goal.

It’s making your author blog stand out. Have a professional looking sales page for your book.

A good-looking sales page will:

  • Let your readers be able to find you when they search your name or book title.
  • Give your fans a place to refer other readers to.
  • Make you look good.
  • Be a place where you can collect subscribers for your list.

In short: A great author page will help you sell books.

But what if you’re not a designer and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on design at this point of your career?

Okay, you’re clever. You read the subject line, so you know I have something waiting for you, right?

And here it is. You can use this sales page template and edit it to add your own images and texts. It’s free, only costs a signup:


I’m not the one offering it, but I got permission from one of my friends, Jesse Krieger, who is an international best-selling author, and a publisher.

From his many years of experience, Jesse has seen exactly what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to generating book sales.

His #1 rule for author success?

Create a captivating book sales page.

Jesse has boiled this down to a science, and follows the same, proven-to-sell template for all the books he publishes.

And thanks to him, now you can have a book sales page that turns random visitors into customers, readers, and new fans.

Click here to get your easy to edit book sales page template, free. https://cl102.isrefer.com/go/bsso.template/brittmalka/

No more struggling to create a book sales page (or avoiding it all together).

Now’s the time to break out of obscurity. So grab the sales page template today while it’s available. (I just set up a non-edited copy on Ashlayah.com for a new pen name.)

No more boring plotting

The 87% off sale ends Tuesday morning.

This is what Ron McCoskey said about it:

“I’m one of those who finds it a challenge to develop an interesting idea into a full-fledged story, and I really love the way Socrates Plotting uses both Right Brain/Left Brain teamwork to help develop a complete story structure from the original idea seed.”

This is a small part of what Eibhlin MacIntosh said about it:

“If plotting has seemed like boring, challenging, or outright impossible, Socrates Plotting may be the answer. On many levels.”

You’ll find their full testimonials on the sales page.

Here’s where to get the course for 87% off.


The sale ends Tuesday morning.

Okay, this is different

As you know, I recommend products I think could help you make an income as a writer.

Sometimes I’ll warn you about products that looks good, but isn’t. Or maybe just part of it isn’t that good.

At rare occasions I don’t go through the product before mailing about it. This only happens when it’s about future events, like Shawn Hansen’s live online training, which started a couple of days ago.

I based my recommendation on what I know about Shawn, what I read on the sales page, and what I saw in a video she shared with me.

To me, her training about how to create and make money with cheatsheets sounded awesome.

Now I’ve seen the first workshop (they get recorded) and I must say that it’s FAR MORE THAN AWESOME!

I haven’t seen anything like this before. It really got me inspired, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the workshops. Unfortunately, I can’t be there tonight, but thankfully, it all gets recorded so I’ll watch it Sunday instead.

And even better, Shawn also shares the content as written text, which means it’s easy to look up details. She also shares templates for cheatsheets as well as her slides.

Those cheatsheets (not a spelling error) work so well for all kinds of genres and niches.

Shawn shows examples of cheatsheets that made her $10K or more on the sales page, and after having seen the first workshop, I understand why and how she could do it.

Did I mention inspiring?

I’ve used cheatsheets myself to build a list and to sell, but I was only scraping the surface. Now I’ll dive in and obtain so much more.

Do yourself a favor and check it out here http://malka.im/shawncheatsheets

Now you can write

If you’ve ever been stuck with a great idea for a story, but unable to finish the novel, you’ll understand what it means finally…

To be able to write freely 😀

That’s what happened to me. I would come up with all kinds of ideas, start writing, and then sooner or later (mostly sooner) get stuck.

Until I spoke with a friend who used one method, and I read about Socrates, and combined those two ideas into…

Socrates Plotting

That’s right. Based on those two unconnected issues, I came up with a system to create full plots from my ideas.

I call those ideas “sandkorn” (a Danish word), because they are like grains of sand that slip into an oyster and end up being a pearl.

A whole story.

If you want to learn my method and what it can do for your writing, I have an offer for you today.

It’s only available for an incredible low price right now.

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