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Everybody can mess up

But when you do it in a book, it’s expensive.

Yesterday, I sent you the wrong link to “Self-Help Deal Breakers”. Ouch. That was a very unproud moment when I realized my mistake.

Of course, nobody is perfect, but still…

It didn’t get me lynched. I haven’t checked if I got unsubscribes, but I appreciate the nice emails I got. 🙂

Quoting one of them:

Thank you very much Britt.

I ordered the self help […].
Also ordered the list and it looks so good and thorough.

Couldn’t do the course at this time. It looks good though.

Thank you for your hard work and help,

Barb J

If you’re writing nonfiction in the self-help niche, this will definitely help you not mess up.

Click here to make sure… http://malka.biz/self-help-deal-breakers/

Paint spread over memorial park

Somebody spread red and white acrylic paint over large areas of a Danish memorial park. Grass, trees, bushes… Nothing escaped.


Nope, art, says the Danish socialist mayor of one of the biggest Danish cities, Århus.

Art, says the German artist Katharina Grosse.

Bovine droppings, says Britt Malka.

I’m a big admirer of art, and I’ve often defended its reason to be, when I spoke with people from my country of origin. But this? Pure vandalism, if you want my opinion. At any rate, you got it.

What do you think? Art or devastation?

Did that artist express himself or just ruin a place where parents could take their children for a run?

Is this a physical way to “show, don’t tell?” – the tool all performing writing artists must have in their box?

I’ll let you decide.

And if you want to pick up my “Show, Don’t Tell, Sometimes” you can do so here http://malka.biz/show-dont-tell/

Talk about change!

Did you know that low self-esteem is a common problem that millions of people are suffering from?

When my children were small, I went through a tough divorce. In short, I fled my house, scared that my ex would kill my children.

My son was three years old, and all that happened during that period changed him from being a happy little child to a shy kid, who didn’t even dare to use a toilet in front of him on a ferry, if I didn’t go with him.

Fast forward till today, and he’s an office manager with more than 100 employees, AND – totally unrelated – he just participated in a new commercial.

The commercial is about a cake called “rozalach”, and the coffee chain Landwer has made different versions of it inspired by different countries’ food culture.

My son, who was born in Denmark, represents the Swiss version (oh, well, they are probably blond and blue-eyed there, too). I’m mighty proud of him. He’s come a long way, and he’s a very confident young man now.

You can see the video here (copy and paste the link): https://youtu.be/w4fefV3i8rY

Speaking of self-esteem…

You can still grab the research I’ve done for you about what makes readers throw a book out the window and leave a harsh review for a low introduction price until tomorrow at 9am.

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#amwriting or what?

Three months ago, my husband caught me busy holding my head and asked me,

“What are you doing?”

I replied, “Writing fiction,” and he snapped a picture of me.

Britt Malka writing fiction

But it was true. I was writing, or at least creating fiction.

There’s something I’ve been wondering about for a while.

I quit my day job in 1995, and I choose what to do during my daytime.

I write or work on fiction related projects from early morning and until 2pm.

I start my day by taking Nefnef outside, then take a shower, then meditate, and then write.

How’s your routine? How much time can you spend on fiction daily?

Please hit reply to this mail and let me know.

Quick and easy book promo videos

My husband pointed me to an AppSumo offer, but I wasn’t that interested, until I saw one of the comments, which said:

Did it in a few minutes!!!

I’m a romance author (don’t judge me) and Creative Consultant. I’ve been needing some book promo videos for a while. Either folk are booked up or too expensive. I got this to see what it would do and it did this with one of my latest book series.
Check it!
I’m so stoked. Do you know what this means? It means I can make my OWN

  • Book Trailers
  • Speaker Reels
  • Social Media teasers
  • Training Course Product videos
  • Sales Video Teasers
  • Too much to write out here

Thank you Shakr for being that cool!
PS: Folks–you use your own pictures and video but the music is supplied. It’s pretty cool music too–way better than I would have chosen in too many hours to admit to.

Wow, right?

You can save a lot of money right now, if this is something you’ve been thinking about doing.

Check it out here http://malka.im/shakr

Self-help deal breakers [low intro price]

If you plan to write nonfiction in the self-help category, you’ll definitely want to know what makes readers put down books and get angry.

An angry reader will leave traces. He’ll leave bad reviews, because he’ll be out on a mission.

He’ll want everybody else to stay as far away from your book as they can.

He’s out for revenge. He’s lost time and money, buying and reading your book, and he wants your blood in return.


That’s why you can find a lot of information by going through reviews and taking notes.

Check out forums for book readers, too.

Or simply grab the research I’ve already done for you.

Low introduction price until Tuesday 9am EST http://malka.biz/self-help-deal-breakers/

Join this writing teacher’s classroom

I’ve recommended Steve Alcorn’s course before, and now I’ll do it again for two reasons:

  • It’s awesome! 4.7 star rating with 310 reviews.
  • You can get it for only $10 and save 95% if you act now (18 hours left).

Why do I like it?

I was among those who gave the course 5 stars, and I did it because everything is explained clearly and understandably.

It’s very inspiring, and Steve’s voice is calm and soothing.

It’s like sitting in a classroom, only you can do it in your pajama.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced writer, I think you can learn from this.

Check out what students have to say here https://goo.gl/MGdZnW

She wore $455K while shopping

One British woman is feeling extremely happy at the moment.

Thirty years ago, she bought a ring from a car boot sale for ten pounds ($12.95).

She wore it daily for her ordinary chores, like going shopping, working in the garden, washing the dishes, thinking the ring with the dull gray gem was nothing special.

It wasn’t until she talked to a jeweler about it that she found out there could be more to it.

He sent it off to Sotheby’s who got it tested, and it turned out to be a 26-carat diamond.


The woman had been walking around with a fortune on her hand.

Maybe you are, too.

You could write and publish your Fish Out of Water Romance and make money with that.

Take a look here http://malka.biz/fow-romance/


Have you ever been so scared of something…

Something you KNEW would help you, but you were just too afraid to do it?

I’m guilty of that.

Four years ago, I wrote a book about how I overcame a clinical depression. The few people I told about this book said that I could help others with it.

I might even make money with it.

Have I published it?

Shaking head vigorously.

Why not?

Because… Well, because I was scared of the feedback I would get. Scared of reviews from people giving it one-stars and harsh words.

I read a lot of reviews that were really tough, and every time I couldn’t help thinking: That could have been me. How would I feel if I read that review and it was about my book?

Over time, just the mere thought of publishing my depression book made my stomach churn.

But if there’s one thing you can say about me then it’s this: I hate giving up.

So I kept reading reviews and forum comments, and a pattern stood out.

  • Some reviews reflected good things about self-help books. Things that can be used in other self-help books.
  • Some reviews reflected minor annoyances. Good to avoid, but not deal breakers.
  • Some reviews reflected bad, bad things that made the reader throw the book in his fireplace and swear to never buy books by that author again. And those issues could have been avoided.

I took all my notes, and I sorted them in groups, and then I wrote it all down in a way that’s easy to understand.

It makes it possible to avoid most of the bad reviews. And it makes it possible to write and publish self-help books your readers will love.

Plain and simple.

Grab it now for a super-low introductory price here http://malka.biz/self-help-deal-breakers/

Scary thoughts

I’ve found that meditating before writing fiction gives me great results.

I’m new to it, but I’ve done guided meditations since 1990+, and hypnosis and auto-hypnosis since 2003 or 2004.

This is how I do it, and the exercise only takes three minutes:

  • I sit comfortably in my office chair.
  • I set a timer to 3 minutes.
  • I make sure to relax my shoulders and sit up with a straight back.
  • Then I put my hands on my legs, palms down.
  • I start the timer and close my eyes.
  • I often use a short sentence or a few words to meditate over. This helps me stay clear of unwanted thoughts.
  • But when I don’t use a sentence and just allow the thoughts to come and then dismiss them, I sometimes experience scary thoughts. I let go of them.

But afterwards?

Heh! Then it’s time for journal writing, and you know what you can do with all those scary thoughts?

You can write horror, that’s what.

And you know what horror readers like and dislike?


Then you can find out here http://malka.biz/horror-deal-breakers/

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