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Archive Monthly Archives: March 2017

Hitting a block

This morning I resolved a writing block. I couldn’t get started on the scene yesterday, because my shadow journals didn’t fit with the following scene.

I checked the outlines for both scenes. Something had to change. Either the outlines, or the shadow journals.

When I write shadow journals, I go with the flow and just write down what I feel when I’m in that person’s head. I trusted that feeling. So I had to change the outline for the following scene instead. It didn’t fit with my characters, and I would have had to use force to make them do what I demanded. I didn’t want that.

I would never have figured that out without a shadow journal. This is one of the best tools, I’ve ever found, and it helps me on so many levels.

I wrote this mail straight after this morning’s journaling, and now I’m off to write the scene. Unstuck, unblocked, and now with a great idea for the following scene. Thanks to my shadow journal.

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Author inspired to 28 books

Okay, I must admit that I’m very proud of the review Eibhlin MacIntosh gave my book “Divide and Conquer”.

Some of the things she wrote include…

“It’s not the same old ‘how to get 5 articles/books/videos out of one idea.’ Far from it.”


“Using Britt’s suggestions, I produced a list of 28 short, nonfiction books (in one sub-niche) that I can write with little or no research. Many can be written in a single day.”

Read her full testimony here http://malka.biz/nf-book-series/