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Archive Monthly Archives: March 2017

I’m glad you had issues

And you should be, too ๐Ÿ™‚

After all, we’ve all had issues, right?

A few weeks ago, I broke a molar. That was a huge issue to me, because the sharp edges of the tooth cut my tongue. I had to see a dentist to have my issue fixed. That was great, because he told me that I had calcium issues. And if he hadn’t fixed them, it would have ended up costing me teeth.

There are other ways an issue can be turned into an advantage.

In fact, you’ll soon see that having an issue is not an issue. It’s a good thing.

Because you can turn it into a book.

And you know what? I’ve even made it much better. I’m about to give you a paragraph-by-paragraph guide to write a nonfiction book.

I call the guide “Abracada-Book”.

They are that easy.

Make sure to check the details here http://malka.biz/abracadabook/

Hero cheating – good or bad?

Your hero and heroine are together, finally, but then you want to add a twist.

You want to force them apart and make your readers root for your heroine.

So you make your hero cheat on her.

Good or bad?

Will your readers love it, root for your heroine, or put down the book?

There are ways to find out beforehand. Before you publish your book and add something your readers will hate.

  • You can go through reader forums.
  • Check reader communities.
  • Read reviews.

Or you can let me do the hard work for you and deliver a 22-page report about romance dealbreakers.

It will save you time and painful reviews.

Get it here, before you publish your next book http://malka.biz/romance-deal-breakers/

Write by numbers

You know what makes me really happy?

When people accomplish something. When they write the book they’ve dreamed of their whole life. When they see it in print, virtually or real print.

That’s why the main goal with my products is to help.

And what could be easier than to follow a ‘write by numbers’ blueprint?

Except for dreaming up a book and writing it in your sleep, nothing gets easier. Even if you’ve never written a book before, you can do it.

I call the guide “Abracada-Book”.

Because it’s like swinging a magic wand over the paper… Almost.

In it, I’ll tell you exactly what to write where, and you’ll be surprised to see how little research, if any, you need to do.

Take a look here http://malka.biz/abracadabook/

My friend earned $14+ on ONE nonfiction book

I just read how one of my friends made more than $14,000 on a nonfiction book with a brandnew pen name.

As soon as I can, I’ll share his strategy with you. I’m going to test it myself in a few days. It’s not hard to do, and it doesn’t cost much.

One of the things he regret, though, is that he didn’t have an author page or author blog for his pen name. He said that he would absolutely have that the next time.

So I thought, “It’s better to prepare, right?”

Get ready for this powerful promotion strategy by getting your author blog up and running.

You can learn all about that here http://malka.biz/your-author-blog/

Happiest people eating the most anti-depressants

You’ve probably read that the Danes several years in a row have been deemed the happiest people on Earth.

By a funny coincidence (or maybe not) they are also at the top when it comes to consuming anti-depressants.

My theory? Maybe they aren’t that happy after all. Maybe they are just saying so, because after all, they have “hygge*”.

How about helping the Danes, yourself, and a whole lot of other people obtain true happiness?

Read here how you can do it and make money in the process http://malka.biz/happiness-book/

Easy path to short story

Did you check the Amazon best-seller lists recently?

I did. And I got one of the top books through my Kindle Unlimited subscription. It looked good. Great title, great cover, great description.

Horrible writing. I never made it past chapter one.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that has happened to me – that I have to put down an awful book with a top ranking.

And then you find great books, buried at the bottom of the rankings where nobody ever finds them.

You could just as well tie a stone to your book and throw it in the water.


What do these top-ranking authors do that’s different?

It’s certainly not the quality of their books. No. They have one asset that other writers don’t.

They have a list.

To build a list of readers, you need three things:

  1. A free story.
  2. An opt-in page.
  3. An auto-responder.

You can build an opt-in page either with free forms or by using a plugin that can help you create beautiful landing pages.

You can start out with a free auto-responder script on your WordPress blog, or you can go for Aweber or GetResponse or similar.

And as for the short story?

Tomorrow, my Shadow Journal Workshop opens its doors. Inside, you’ll discover that by using a shadow journal, writing that story becomes a lot easier.

As an example, I have almost 6,000 words in my Shadow Journal. I can turn them into a story much easier than if I was starting from scratch.

How does it all come together? You’ll learn that over three days, and at the same time you’ll be writing your story.

Last chance today.

When the workshop opens, I’ll remove the buy button. I’ll make the workshop available again later, but not for the same low introductory price.

Writing daily Shadow Journal snippets has changed my fictional life. Let it change yours, too.

Here’s the link http://malka.biz/shadow-journal

Will I see you Tuesday?

Tomorrow, 20 years ago, my husband and I met for the first time.

We knew each other from a network that was widespread earlier than the Internet. It’s called Fidonet. And we met because we shared interests.

From there we began to write together, and at one point we shared 20 mails daily ๐Ÿ˜€

But we lived far away from each other in Denmark. 20 years ago, I stuffed my two kids into my brand-new Skoda Felicia Jubii and drove all the way to the other end of Denmark to visit my prince charming.

Tomorrow, we’re going to have the same dinner we had 20 years ago: leg of lamb with sliced potatoes with spices.

Nefnef already got a little of the bone, and she says it tastes wonderful ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway, Tuesday… That day marks the start of the Shadow Journal Workshop.

Will I see you there? I would love to. The more, the merrier, and it will be fun.

Get more info here http://malka.biz/shadow-journal

Good product in spite of the hype

The hype and the claims nearly scared me away, but I’m glad I took an extra look.

You might have seen this product already. It’s called “5K Publishing Payday” and I first heard about it on my Skype group where somebody pointed out that the sales page promised “cash in 27 days”.

That’s simply not possible, when you publish on Kindle. Sure, you can make money from day 1, but you won’t have money in your bank until after two months.

That said, something about it intrigued me enough to buy. And I actually liked the product a lot.

It’s well made, and it explains very well how you can (manually or with Kindle Spy) find profitable topics to write short nonfiction books about.

The course is made by Mike Temples, a German guy, who makes 5K per month with his publishing business. He isn’t writing his books himself but outsources it, and he tells you how you can do the same. Obviously, you can also write your books yourself.

There were two things I noted about the course: He talks about using keywords both in the title of the book and the keywords, and I’ve heard that Amazon doesn’t like it. But I don’t have anything concrete about it. I haven’t had problems with it myself.

Second thing is that he recommends doing review swaps. I don’t recommend doing that. It’s greyhat.

Other than that, I got very inspired by the course.

Take a look here http://malka.im/5kpublishingpayday

Villain solved my problem

Do you know Quora?

Whenever I check one of the posts (they send me mails), I always spend at least 10 minutes there. Very interesting and catching site.

As a writer it’s a great tool, too. I got questions answered about Texas for example, while I wrote my first novella.

But at the moment, I have a pressing problem. And nobody answered me on Texas.

I lingered between having to change the ending of my novel or pressure people near Vegas to give me an answer.

Then the most fantastic happened.

While I finished today’s Shadow Journal, writing as one of my villains, he told me the answer.

Bling, like that. Problem solved.

Miracle, or the power of “the boys in the basement”?

Rational Britt believes in the latter, but it surely feels like a miracle. And it’s not the first time my Shadow Journal gives me the solution to a serious plot problem.

If you’ve been on the fence about it, you should know that the upsell is a workshop that starts the 28th. I close the doors right before, and it won’t open up again at the same price.

This is your chance to get in while the price is low. I promise you, it will be fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Click here to join us http://malka.biz/shadow-journal/

Famous Danish author attacked me

Since I was very young, I dreamed about writing fiction. But getting published as a fiction writer is close to impossible.

Making money with it, back then… Only for the few.

So when I created a blog in 2010 called “skriv og bliv rig” (write and get rich), I told my readers that they should write nonfiction.

I knew, because I’d been writing computer books for IDG Books Denmark since 2001 and for two other publishing houses since 1998.

Four years ago, out of the blue, this Danish author (Maria Helleberg) attacked me on my blog, saying that people should contact her, because SHE knew how to make money with her writing as opposed to me.

Apparantly, miss Helleberg didn’t buy computer books ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Or dictionaries, judging from her spelling.)

Today, things are difference. Kindle changed it all.

You still have to write your book, and instead of doing what I did to begin with, spending months writing one book, you can speed things up a lot.

On the basis of years of experience, I came up with a system that I share in “How to Write Your Own Kindle Book in Two Days or Less”.

See what it’s all about here: http://brittmalka.com/WSO/kindle-in-two-days-direct.html

There’s even a pictures of my Danish books ๐Ÿ˜€

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