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Archive Monthly Archives: November 2016

Easiest way to write non-fiction quickly

Something I have always struggled with is making things a lot more complicated than they need to be.

This was a big problem for me when it came to my writing. It’s already tough enough to write well. But I was adding more pressure and obstacles by overcomplicating things.

So I decided a while back to figure out a way to make writing non-fiction easier and faster… and repeatable.

What I came up with works really well for me. I’m certain that it will for you, too.

I call it the Easiest Kindle Book Ever.

Bold claim? Yes.

True claim? Also yes. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s what I wanted:

  • A simple and fast way to write a non-fiction book in any niche of virtually any length.
  • To be able to write a book in a new niche without knowing anything about it ahead of time.
  • To write books that get noticed, even in categories with heavy competition.
  • To write books with or without needing any personal experience about the topic.
  • To avoid boring and time-consuming research as much as possible.
  • To write books that genuinely help others.
  • Something simple and quick!

And that’s what I came up with after a lot of trial-and-error and some long nights.

And it works! It works every time.


Check it out here: http://malka.biz/easiest-kindle-books/

You don’t have to be an experienced writer or even know anything about a specific non-fiction category. That was the point of creating this – so I would be able to break into any niche quickly and successfully.

That’s what you get in Easiest Kindle Book Ever.

I know it will help you, too.

Great plots on demand – for any genre

I wrote the other day about my original plotting method that I developed to help me come up with great plots any time I needed them.

It’s called Socrates Plotting, and it’s good for both new fiction writers and experienced authors alike.

I also wanted something that would work for any fiction genre because I don’t just write in one category all the time.

I wanted something versatile that I could turn to again and again, no matter where my writing interests take me.

My main purpose for creating this was to help me figure out:

  • How to take even the most basic idea and turn it into a full plot in any genre.
  • The exact questions to ask to flesh out characters and events in my story.
  • How to use what I create to fill in all 5 story elements (Inciting Incident, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution).
  • How to keep everything organized so I could go from plotting to writing even faster.

But this is more than just a simple plot blueprint.

I also wanted help with characters and conflicts in my stories. Do you have any trouble with character development and believable conflicts? I sure did.

So I’ve also included in Socrates Plotting help with:

  • Character flaws
  • Character motivations
  • Character internal conflicts
  • Relationship agendas & conflicts
  • World goals & conflicts

I’m really proud of this! It helps me and I know it will help you.

Take a look here: http://malka.biz/socrates-plotting/

There is no reason why you have to continue struggling with plots and characters. This will definitely help you like it’s helped me.

Your own monthly writing tips

Do you ever ponder the great questions in life?


  • When do you know enough to write a book?
  • How Choosing Book Topics is Like Being a Heroine in a Romance Novel… No, Really!
  • An Argument for Fluid Outlines
  • Jedi Writing Trick: Easy Antimetabole
  • Two Tools You Might Not Have Considered to Stop Putting off the Editing Process

I know you do.

So that’s why I put the answers to those enigmas into the first issue of my monthly nonfiction writing tips newsletter.

Get it here today http://malka.im/nfnewsletter

How to reach your daily word count in NaNoWriMo

It’s my son’s birthday today ๐Ÿ˜€ I can’t believe he’s 29 already.

As part of my daily cartooning homework, I doodled him. Poor boy ๐Ÿ˜€

Danni cartoonized

Other than mistreating my kid, I’m also writing nonfiction, and doing NaNoWriMo plus writing a novella under a pen name.

I’ve figured out that to reach my daily NaNoWriMo word goal, I need to write for two hours, give or take a few minutes.

How do you keep focused for that long?

Having A.D.D. this is something I’ve been struggling with a lot, but I came up with a solution – and it’s more than just setting a timer.

If you want to know how I get so much writing done, you can read all about it in my “2-Hour Focused Writing”.

Get it here today ==> http://malka.im/2hourfocus