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What’s stopping you?

Have you written all the nonfiction books you wanted in 2017?

If not, do you know why?

I often see that what’s stopping people:

  • It’s not the thought of work – writers aren’t afraid of working.
  • It’s not ignorance. Writers read. They have knowledge.
  • It’s not language, lack of tools, or anything like that.

What is it then?

In my opinion, writers don’t write because they make it way too complicated.

The key to writing books is to make it simple. Make it SO simple that procrastination looks like a day job in comparison.

How do you make it simple then?

You write a one problem – one solution book. I’m a huge fan of those myself. You can often write them in one or two sittings.

Money likes speed. Only the books you publish will make you fans, money, and the freedom you dream about.

In Mike Nielsen’s “Book-A-Day Problem Buster” you find out exactly how to write short, simple books that fix problems.

He provides a template with the ebook. A template he uses himself. It’s super simple! Tweak it to your liking or use it as it is.

If you’re already an experienced writer, and you have no problem coming out with book in a frequent way, you’re probably not getting much new info here.

But if you need that kick to get started, or you’re blocked… then you should take a look.

Read more about it here http://malka.im/problembusters

If you want to take it one step further and create super-fast books that will help people overcome problems with step-by-step books you can make in a day, you should grab the upsell as well. It’s a video course – I prefer reading myself, but it does make sense to present this method in videos.

You get the “Book-A-Day Problem Buster” for $14.95 and the Nonfiction Factory video course for $27.

Any questions? Just hit reply or create a ticket. I’ll soon be off for this week, though, but I’ll be back Sunday.

Meanwhile, check it out here http://malka.im/problembusters