Nefnef see FedEx

By Britt Malka / October 10, 2017

If my dog isn’t the craziest dog on Earth, she’s a great runner up.

Every month, I receive a printed newsletter called “Email Players”. It’s delivered by FedEx, and Nefnef always enjoyed sniffing to the envelope when I brought it home.

Before FedEx arrives, the delivery guy calls me on my phone, and then we meet in front of the bank, two minutes walk from our house.

Nefnef has learned that my phone ringing can mean only good things:

  • Either Dad’s on his way home with groceries.
  • Or Danni is on his way to visit us.
  • Or the FedEx guy is outside the bank.

Last month, I took her with me and told her “Nefnef see FedEx” and since she already knew what FedEx was, she was excited. Meeting the FedEx guy was a huge experience for her.

Don’t you just love how dogs and kids remember to value the small things? I do.

Yesterday, it was FedEx day, and I took her with me, and all the way to the bank, she made sounds like “Nefnef see FedEx” over and over again, and she was happy when he bent down to pad her on her head.

Small things can lead to great happiness 🙂

We got back home, and I read “Email Players” which was good as usual. Ben Settle, who writes it, is all about writing daily and entertaining emails.

But that got me thinking: Surely, you can’t do that as an author, can you?

So what can you do? If you want to avoid that your subscribers forget about you, what do you write about if you only come out with a new book every three months or so?

Have you thought about that question? Have you perhaps solved the problem?