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What’s shared inside Kindling’s FB group?

Kindling, the program Geoff Shaw created many years ago, and which is responsible for several millionaire authors, has a very active Facebook group.

I’m not allowed to share with you what’s inside it, like quoting posts or taking screenshots. But I can give you an overview.

  • Fiction fodder. A lot of people share odd news they’ve found and which can be used as inspiration for fiction as well as stories inside nonfiction books.
  • Tips: Members are at different levels, but people share the tips they’ve found to work.
  • Questions and answers. Members ask questions. Other members replies and help them out.
  • Links to articles about special knowledge, like “how does it feel to get hit by a bullet”.
  • Success stories, even long and detailed ones. I’ve seen authors share everything they’ve learned when going from struggling indie author to successful read author who makes enough to have all the time he wants to spend on writing fiction.

It’s rich!

And then, of course, there’s all the stuff and knowledge you get inside the original Kindling membership site.

The membership site will stay.

The Facebook group will stay.

But soon it will not be possible for a new member to get access.

There’s a onetime fee to get in. No upsells.

Join now http://malka.im/kindling