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Would you call yourself “bulletproof”?

My husband teaches ethical hacking.

That means showing students (many of them system administrators) hacking tools, how they work, and how they can prevent hackers from using the tools against them.

He told me about a guy who claimed on TV that NOBODY could hack into his system.

While he talked and boasted about his hackerproof system, somebody called the TV station and said, “I’m in”.

If he’d kept his not-so-hackerproof system a secret, nobody would have cared, and nobody would have broken into it.

But at least it didn’t have fatal consequences like the following.

Rapper called himself “bulletproof”

Poor guy. He’d been shot and survived, and on Twitter he told his fans, “God made me bulletproof”.

Unfortunately, that statement didn’t hold water. Maybe he tempted someone higher up. Maybe he just tempted a wicked soul.

He was shot again, and this time he didn’t survive.

Words hold power.

And using the right words can make miracles happen.

Like it did for one author who went from selling nothing to becoming a best-selling author.

It’s a switch of mindset. It’s an epiphany to the right person.

See what I mean here http://malka.im/9words