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How to pick a niche or subcategory to sell in [2/4]

Today, we’re going to look at one way you can check if a category might be easy to break into.

Again, there are several ways to do this. This is how I do, when I don’t use a tool (more about tools later).

  1. First, I go to Amazon and pick “Kindle Store” in their search field.
  2. Then I would search for my topic. Let’s say that I knew anything about “isometric exercise” then I would type “isometric” into Amazon’s search field and wait for a second.
  3. If Amazon gives me possible keywords, I know that somebody is searching for “isometric” something, and Amazon will give me ideas for what they are after. Take a look at the list, and write down the relevant keywords for your search.
  4. Then check each of those that are relevant to you. In my case, I would check “isometric strength training”, “isometric exercise” and “isometric weight loss” and “isometric strength training program”.
  5. Then for each of these keywords, I would check:
    a. How many results they have (isometrics weight loss gives me 8)
    b. How well the first five results are ranking. You’ll have to click at each book and check their rank. If it’s a popular niche, the rank should be 20,000 or lower, preferable much lower.

The best you can find is keywords (topics) that have a low number of results, and a low rank, because that means that there’s a need that isn’t covered, and you can write a book here.

Like I said, there are plenty of other ways to do this manually. This is just a method I found worked for me, but nowadays I mostly use tools for this work, and I’ll tell you about them tomorrow.

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