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How to avoid boring research

Don’t you just hate doing research?

Luckily, there are several ways you can avoid it:

  1. Wing it. Just write something. Who’s going to check your facts?
  2. Avoid it. Just write about what you know, and if you have holes in your knowledge, just skip those areas. Nobody will notice.
  3. Steal it. Just do a search and see who’s done the research you need, and then copy and paste.
  4. Outsource it. Hire someone to do the research for you. You might get cool facts if you pay for a quality researcher. Believe in your luck.
  5. Buy it done-for-you.

Of course, I was only joking about the three first ways on this list. You should neither wing it, avoid it, or steal it.

So what do you do, if you want to write a nonfiction book about self-esteem?

Outsourcing is a real possibility, but if you want it easier and cheaper, I have a great, ethical offer for you.

Get done-for-you self-esteem research here http://malka.biz/dfy-self-esteem-research/

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Henrik V Blunck says December 11, 2017

You are so right on this one. Outsourcing the things we don’t like to do IS the right way to proceed. Let’s face it: you earn more when you do things you are good at.
It can be tempting to save the money, but chores like cleaning ARE truly useful to outsource, so your focus can be on being creative – and research is another good idea.
Thanks for inspiring your readers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Britt Malka says December 11, 2017

    My pleasure, Henrik ๐Ÿ™‚

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