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Unboxing “Connect the Dots”

I got an email yesterday evening with a great question. Here it is:

“What do the think about Mike’s new connect the dots course? I have several of his products and was wondering what made this one different….thanks…”

Before I answer, I have two blushing confessions to make:

  1. I hadn’t gone through Mike Nielsen’s “Connect the Dots Story Ideas”… I vaguely remembered having seen somebody mention it, but that was all, and I’d been too busy with my own products and writing fiction so I hadn’t checked it out.
  2. I haven’t gone through all Mike’s products. Only the ones I’ve promoted.

Today, I reached out to Mike to get a copy.

Here’s me unboxing it:

Unboxing Connect the Dots

The .mp4 file is a short (ten minutes) video in which Mike explains the system he’s named “Connect the Dots Story Ideas”.

The cheatsheet consists of a list of sites you can use to help you find more ideas, and in the video Mike uses one of these sites. (Note to self: Neat place to find ideas for mails, too.)

The second .pdf file is a checklist with the three simple steps you can go through to come up with ideas for stories.

What do I think about it?

I like it. It’s definitely a method I can see myself use. Pretty clever little method. You’ll learn how you can come up with unique ideas. Ideas you can then turn into premises and into plots.

What makes this one different?

Mike says in the video that he’s mentioned this method in one of his previous products and that people wanted him to go in-depths with it and explain in details how to use it. So that’s what he does with this product.

Are there upsells?

Yes. The main product is very low-priced (less than $7 from memory), and there are two upsells, neither of them necessary to make the connect the dots course work. The first one is “10-Minute Plots” for $14.95 and the second one is “Fast Fiction Outlines For Amateur Authors” for $17.64. The latter is a great product for beginning writers. It will tell you what you need to look at before you write, whether you’re a pantser or a plotter.

Want to know more?

Feel free to ask me if you like. And of course, you can find out more by going here:

>> http://malka.im/connectthedots <<

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