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Still learning

When I made “How to Finish Your Novel in 30 Days” with Lynn Johnston, I still hadn’t written a novel. Novellas, yes, short stories, yes, but a novel? Nope.

As I wrote my first novel, I swore that I would never do it again, and guess what?

One of my work-in-progress right now is a novel planned at 135,000 words, and I’m making great progress (at 61K right now).

Every time I finish a story, I wish I’d had that knowledge and experience previously, but that’s not how life works.

For every new story, I learn.

And while writing, I read books about the craft, and I watch videos about the craft.

Still learning.

I laughed yesterday, when I read an article by an experienced writer, who said that for 20 years he’d gotten the concept of scenes and sequels all wrong. If that can happen to an expert, no wonder it can happen to all of us 😀

Anyway, if you want to write and finish a story, you might want to pick up my interview with Lynn Johnston here. She offers plenty of advice on how to make it.

>> http://malka.biz/finish-your-novel-in-30-days/ <<

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