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Ask your readers

Do you ever ask your readers questions?

If you have a mailing list, a Facebook fan page or a blog, it can be very helpful to get their input.

For instance, a while back I wondered when I should publish the Christmas romance I was writing. I was thinking that my readers would appreciate it in October, November, or maybe as late as December or as early as September.

So I asked them, and 99% replied something that took me completely by surprise.

To “when do you prefer to read Christmas romances” they replied:

All year long!

I would never have guessed that, so I’m glad I asked.

If you’re still building a following, you might have none to ask, and in that case, I recommend that you skim forums, blog posts, reviews… Because you NEED to know what your readers want and don’t want.

Yes, it’s time consuming, I know, because I’ve done it, but it’s necessary.

A shortcut, if you’re writing romance, is to pick up a copy of my research. It will save you time, and it will save you from writing things your readers will hate.

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