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Cheatsheets – the missing link

You might get this mail twice, if you’re both on my money-online list and my nonfiction list. Just ignore one of them 😀

Today, when I checked the calendar, I noticed something at the top that intrigued me.

“Cheatsheet Mastery” – what was that? Another one of those “how to create a cheatsheet” courses?


This is what you’ve been missing from most of the other courses.

Debbie Miller has created a product that shows you how to format your cheatsheets so they actually look great.

Take a look at the examples here: http://malka.im/cheatsheetmastery

I asked her for a peek inside to see what she had, and she gave me access.

First of all, you probably have the tools you need (but wait, there’s more). Debbie uses Word to format the cheatsheets so they look really delightful with colors and images and nicely looking links.

And she shows you in videos step by step how to do it.

She uses an older version of Word (2007), so if you have a newer version, some of the things must be tweaked a little, but most of what I saw looked the same in my Word 2016.

Second (and this is awesome): She gives you a software tool (for Windows) that can create cheatsheets for you in seconds. I did that and I was completely taken by surprise of how fast it was. It actually looks good in itself (the result) but of course, once you use Debbie’s formatting methods, it will look even greater.

Third, she gives plenty of tips to how you can improve your cheatsheets so they don’t just contain the usual set of links to Google, Bing, etc. Great ideas there.

Fourth, you get a PDF version (a cheatsheet, haha) to the videos, so you can go back and set up your template easily.

I highly recommend Cheatsheet Mastery, if you’re already making cheatsheets, or if you plan to make them in the future.

Don’t miss out. http://malka.im/cheatsheetmastery

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