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Story – the key to writing a best-selling nonfiction book

Why is story that important for a nonfiction book?

Because story makes it easier to understand and remember what you read.

Let me give you an example:

I went to school to learn Hebrew, after we moved to Israel, but I have a hard time remembering the words. And yet, there was one word I remembered from the first time I heard it.

My teacher, Sarah, told us how she took the bus to school that morning, and it was stuffed with passengers. A man entered by the back door and handed a banknote to the man in front of him. The passengers formed a bucket brigade, sent the money to the driver, who made a ticket, and sent it back through the bucket brigade.

Then my teacher used body language and told us that the man “ko-es”, and it was easy to visualize how he exploded with anger. Apparently, somebody had kept the change along the way, and that’s what got the man angry.

Still now, when I think of the word “ko-es”, I see my teacher, her hands balled into fists, her face turned red, and jumping up and down.

Story telling for nonfiction writers can be learned, and I’ve found a course by Ian Stables, who’s published several best-selling nonfiction books.

Stories in nonfiction improve your books, and they also make them faster and easier to write.

The course normally sells for $195, but this week, and until September 1st, you can get it for only $10, so you’re getting good value for your money.

Learn more about it here http://malka.im/nfstoriesudemy

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