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Secret sauce of great writing

What simple thing will gain your books praise all the time?

  • Your choice of topic?
  • The large number of pages?
  • The cute pictures of your cat?

Of course, you’re shouting “great writing” right now, because you noticed my subject 😉

And that’s right.

Second question:

What is great writing?

  • A combination of long and short sentences?
  • White space?
  • Illustrations?
  • Jokes?

Good jokes are actually examples of good writing, because they are written with clarity, simplicity, and elegance. And those three concepts form the secret sauce of great writing.

That’s the kind of writing readers love, because it’s easy to understand. It makes them feel good about themselves instead of bad and stupid.

I found an excellent course that teaches these concepts in a good way with clear examples. It’s made by an Ex-Wall Street Journal editor named Shani Raja, and I highly recommend it. Normally, it sells for $200, but this week (and until September 1st) you can get it for only $10. I bought it myself and really enjoy it.

Check it out here http://malka.im/udemywritingflair

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