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What is Wonder Woman’s goal?

Your characters must have a goal.

In real life, some people just wing it, but in stories that can’t happen for your heroine. She must have a goal and a conflict.

But you can’t just pick any goal and pair it with your main character. They have to fit together.

So I decided to try making lists of goals and conflicts to see if I could use the same method.

Big lists of all possible goals and conflicts didn’t go very well. It took me way too long to write them and read through them. Too many of them didn’t apply, and I ended up wasting a lot of time.

Then I discovered the key:

I put together lists of goals and conflicts based on a specific type of character.

When I made goal and conflict lists based on what I thought sounded logical for some major character trait, I was able to save time AND develop better characters with good goals, logical conflicts, and matching flaws.

The best part was how much it made me think. I found inspiration by considering possibilities on the lists.

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