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W plots… aren’t they just about ups and downs?

I have to confess that one of the plot structures that never really grabbed my interest is the W plot structure.

Sure, sure…

It’s about bringing the main character down, and up, and down again, and up again for a happy ending.

Easy, peasy, and boring.

That structure didn’t help me, and although I’ve tried using it once, I replotted the story following another structure.

Now it turns out that I was very wrong about giving up that structure, and what I’ve learned now inspires me to a whole stream of new stories.

All that just because Lynn Johnston… Well, she doesn’t just read a book about writing fiction. She reads it, implements, thinks, analyzes, thinks some more, does research, and then…

She gets AHA moments.

The W plot structure didn’t work for her, either, but once she’d put two or three other ideas together, she came up with a brilliant metaphor.

That not only makes you easily remember each part of the W plot structure, but it also makes it highly inspiring.

It’s the kind of training that when you listen, you want to start writing right away.

Sorry, but you can’t have it.

Not for sale.



Okay, to be honest, it will be ready tomorrow. The course is already done, and I’ve read the written material as well as watched a few of the videos. Lynn is brushing off the last things, and it will be ready tomorrow, she says.

So look out for a mail from me tomorrow with more info about this. You’ll want it right away, because Lynn is selling it for an introductory price.

See you tomorrow.

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