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Can you do six hours per day? No?

One of the big differences between a fiction writer who makes very little and one who makes at least $100,000 per year is:

Five hours.

According to research, the “normal” writer spends an hour daily, while the successful writer spends six hours daily.

When I asked Michelle Spiva, who makes six figures per year, about her habits, she replied:

“I’m full time and try to get in at least an average of 4-6 hours a day”

That’s all very well, if you’re a full time writer, but…

How do you get to that point?

How do you go from “I would love to see my stories in print” and have maybe an hour daily to write fiction, and to becoming one of those 100k’ers?

You start with one hour daily, but with a twist.

You find a person who’s spend years figuring out how to make it, and then you learn from them. Let them tell you what they do, so you can hit the ground running. You don’t have to waste all the time they did.

You can start with one-two hours daily, work focused and in the right direction from the start, so you can get there faster.

Then, once your books are selling, you can put in more time and become a full time writer.

There’s only a tiny problem about this approach…

It’s hard to find somebody who’s willing to explain the system, because writers are, by nature, busy 🙂

That’s why when I saw Michelle Spiva’s offer for a Short Read Success Formula, I jumped right in.

My finger didn’t even linger over the buy button, because I knew this was for me.

In short, let me give you Michelle’s own words for what she’s offering:

“I’ll show them what I do to make 6 figures a year and how to get that book selling when they publish.”

All in 30 days.

  • You’ll learn everything you need to know and understand, before you write.
  • You’ll learn how to write a story, readers will crave.
  • You’ll learn how to publish it, and sell it.

This is, as I see it, the opportunity of a lifetime! When Michelle had computer problems, and we didn’t get any news, I was so afraid that she was going to cancel. She wasn’t! And I’m so happy. Officially, this book writing workshop starts August 1st, but we’ve already received some of the material, and it’s so inspiring. Clearly, Michelle has put her years of experience and a lot of work into this.

On a scale from 1 to 10, it has a wow-factor of 10.

Check it out, it’s awesome! http://malka.im/shortreadsuccess

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