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Your first cozy short?

Have you ever seen a child take its first steps?

It’s up on two legs, run, run, run, more and more out of balance and then boom, fall over.

At least, that’s how I remember my son’s first steps, and he was laughing all the way.

When I wrote my first novella, it was something like that.

Up and write… can-I-do-it? can-I-do-it?

Well, I finished it, but somewhere along the way what started out as a romance, suddenly took place in the old American West and when a dead body showed up, it ended up being a cozy mystery.

Of a kind…

I was inspired by several things:

  • I wanted to finish a book for once.
  • I wanted to write cozy mysteries, because I had a friend who made a ton of money with hers.

The thing is: I knew next to nothing about cozy mysteries.

If I’d had a book to follow, like the one Alessandro Zamboni and Sara Shah have written, things would have been easier.

Today, you have the chance of getting “Cozy Mystery Empire”, which contains the following:

Introduction, page 1
Chapter 1 – What is a cozy mystery, page 2
Chapter 2 – The plot, page 5
Chapter 3 – Chapter by chapter cozy mystery, page 23
Chapter 4 – Cozy mystery examples, page 28
Chapter 5 – How to publish a short cozy mystery, page 29
Chapter 6 – Advertising strategies, page 39
Chapter 7 – Your next steps, page 46
Closing, page 48

I plan to publish a book about writing cozy mysteries myself, but Alessandro beat me to it, and besides, his are aimed at short stories, whereas my product will be about full-length cozies.

And Alessandro’s product is aimed at beginners only.

So if you’ve been thinking about writing your first cozy mystery, and would like to try your hand on a short story, this is worth looking at.

Click here to check it out http://malka.im/alessandrocozy

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