Which books made you cry?

By Britt Malka / June 15, 2017

When I was 14, our teacher had us read “Knock On Any Door” by Willard Motley, and even though the blurb on the front cover of the book said that the hero would die, I kept hoping that he would live, and I cried like I’d been whipped when he was executed. When my son read the book, he cried, too.

All that emotion, right?

And I’m still sad that Rhett Butler left Scarlett…

But even a happy ending can trigger my tears, as it happened when I read one of the books Lynn Johnston has published under a pen name.

On the other end of the scale, I remember an indie published book about a man, who’d divorced a woman he loved, and wanted her back. He met a new woman, and I think they fell in love, and I really didn’t care. Actually, I didn’t even like the man, so I put down what was supposed to be a romance.

What is it that makes unforgettable characters that we care enough about to actually make you cry?

The secret, the soul of your book, lies in the character arc.

Like many other authors, Lynn Johnston struggled with her first novels, not knowing where the problem was with her characters. Why did her beta readers tell her that her characters didn’t change?

It wasn’t until she mastered the character arc that she got the reaction she wanted from her readers. And that’s the reason why her happy ending had me crying my eyes out.

She’s put together a course where you’ll learn all about the character arc. You get direct access immediately after you’ve clicked the buy button, so there’s no waiting time. You can learn instantly, and then implement what you’ve learned and put soul into your stories today.

Check it out here http://malka.im/lynn-arc

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Henrik V Blunck - June 27, 2017

The Danish book Forbandede barndom that told the (unfortunately authentic) story about child molestation was moving in the worst of ways. Any parent can relate to this, and the very thought that humans can be so cruel is a real shame…

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