Bad arc = bad story

By Britt Malka / June 14, 2017

At the moment, my husband and I are watching “West Wing”.

When Cyril first told me about it, I wasn’t interested. I am totally not into politics. Somehow, though, he talked me into watching an episode, and I was hooked.

Sure, the setting is the Oval Office and its surroundings, but the series is about characters. All about characters.

And that’s what we like to read about or watch, right? We want to know how other people handle crises, how they deal with love and tragedy.

Story is about people. And a good story needs the main character to go through a character arc.

Now, that can’t be that difficult, can it?

Oh, yes.

I’ve just learned that it’s not just a matter of making a character change. The way she changes, and the order in which she does it, the relevancy to the story, and how you show her change… It all matters.

It makes the difference between a dull book and a story that makes the reader cry at the end.

So how do you learn to create those kinds of character arcs?

One of my best friends, Lynn Johnston, has been working on a course that teaches that in depth, and she’s releasing it this morning.

This is what you’ll learn:

  • The R-D-D formula for showing character change in a way that readers believe at the emotional level
  • 5 brainstorming techniques for generating story events that force your character to grow
  • A 6-step process for mapping out your character’s growth arc
  • 4 approaches to building character arcs in series (so your character doesn’t have to be a mess in book one)
  • How to craft a sentence that crystallizes your character’s internal journey (and makes your story easier to write)
  • The 8 steps of a powerful character arc
  • The 3 moments that make the growth arc easy for readers to see
  • How to tie your character arc to other storylines, so that your character’s growth becomes an integral part of the story
  • 4 brainstorming questions for identifying how the character arc might influence the events of each scene in your story

If you think that writing powerful stories that grasp your readers is something you would like to do, then I highly recommend that you grab this offer now.

You’ll get instant access.

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