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Questions -> plot

Back when I lived in France, I met an author whose books I really admired.

Actually, I met him several times, and the second time he said, “You’re from Denmark, right?” – Well, he said it in French… and I answered, “Wow, yes, you remembered?”

“No,” he said. “But you’re wearing a t-shirt that says Copenhagen.”

Anyway, back then I’d written nothing that was longer than a short story, so I asked him the brilliant question all authors are getting asked:

Where do you find your ideas?

And he gave the same answer any author has ever given: All around me.

Now that I write, I know that it’s true. Ideas are everywhere.

The problem is not to find ideas. The problem is to turn them into plots, and that’s where questions come in.

You have to ask the right questions and they will take you there.

Which questions?

I’m glad you asked.

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