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The key to success as an author

Ever since I first learned that you could publish books on Kindle, I’ve been listening to what successful people did.

They were people with no previous background in publishing, and now they make five or six figures per month.

I’ve found that the key is this:

Building an audience.

The traditional way to do that is by creating a list magnet and then to invite readers to join your list.

But there’s a wrong way to do that (I know… because crickets…) and there’s a right way, and I just got my hands on an ebook that shows how to do the latter.

It contains 36 pages that goes through the process, showing you what to do in a totally unscary way.

The book, called “Reader Magnets”, by Nick Stephenson is actually really good, and I suggest get it and read it. And then take action 🙂

The book is free for a limited period. You still need to do some work to grow your audience, but at least with this book in your hands, you know a way to do it.

It also includes a list of free resources that can help you grow your book business.

Grab the ebook here http://malka.im/nick10k

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