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Today’s Wednesday

When we lived in France, we saw a funny French movie. One of the minor characters was a very old man, who was married to a very young and very beautiful woman.

He told his friend that they had… you know… twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday.

Then the old man shivered and said, “Today is Wednesday.”

I feel the same way about something that’s happening tomorrow. Two things, actually:

  • It’s Cyril Day, meaning the day I spoil my husband even more than usual, and
  • Tony Norton releases one of the best products I’ve ever seen about how to sell more books.

I’ll tell you more tomorrow, but I got the first copy of this book several months ago, and I’ve really been looking forward to seeing the finished result.

In short: It’s how you can grow your fan base and sell more books for very little money.

The fascinating thing is that Tony spent less than $50 and made more than $14K.

Not a bad return on investment.

This method works for fiction and nonfiction Kindle or CreateSpace books you publish.

Look out for my email that will reach your inbox (or promotion tab) 8am EST tomorrow.

Until then, have fun, and keep writing.

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