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Everybody can mess up

But when you do it in a book, it’s expensive.

Yesterday, I sent you the wrong link to “Self-Help Deal Breakers”. Ouch. That was a very unproud moment when I realized my mistake.

Of course, nobody is perfect, but still…

It didn’t get me lynched. I haven’t checked if I got unsubscribes, but I appreciate the nice emails I got. 🙂

Quoting one of them:

Thank you very much Britt.

I ordered the self help […].
Also ordered the list and it looks so good and thorough.

Couldn’t do the course at this time. It looks good though.

Thank you for your hard work and help,

Barb J

If you’re writing nonfiction in the self-help niche, this will definitely help you not mess up.

Click here to make sure… http://malka.biz/self-help-deal-breakers/

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