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Paint spread over memorial park

Somebody spread red and white acrylic paint over large areas of a Danish memorial park. Grass, trees, bushes… Nothing escaped.


Nope, art, says the Danish socialist mayor of one of the biggest Danish cities, Århus.

Art, says the German artist Katharina Grosse.

Bovine droppings, says Britt Malka.

I’m a big admirer of art, and I’ve often defended its reason to be, when I spoke with people from my country of origin. But this? Pure vandalism, if you want my opinion. At any rate, you got it.

What do you think? Art or devastation?

Did that artist express himself or just ruin a place where parents could take their children for a run?

Is this a physical way to “show, don’t tell?” – the tool all performing writing artists must have in their box?

I’ll let you decide.

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