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Talk about change!

Did you know that low self-esteem is a common problem that millions of people are suffering from?

When my children were small, I went through a tough divorce. In short, I fled my house, scared that my ex would kill my children.

My son was three years old, and all that happened during that period changed him from being a happy little child to a shy kid, who didn’t even dare to use a toilet in front of him on a ferry, if I didn’t go with him.

Fast forward till today, and he’s an office manager with more than 100 employees, AND – totally unrelated – he just participated in a new commercial.

The commercial is about a cake called “rozalach”, and the coffee chain Landwer has made different versions of it inspired by different countries’ food culture.

My son, who was born in Denmark, represents the Swiss version (oh, well, they are probably blond and blue-eyed there, too). I’m mighty proud of him. He’s come a long way, and he’s a very confident young man now.

You can see the video here (copy and paste the link): https://youtu.be/w4fefV3i8rY

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