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Self-help deal breakers [low intro price]

If you plan to write nonfiction in the self-help category, you’ll definitely want to know what makes readers put down books and get angry.

An angry reader will leave traces. He’ll leave bad reviews, because he’ll be out on a mission.

He’ll want everybody else to stay as far away from your book as they can.

He’s out for revenge. He’s lost time and money, buying and reading your book, and he wants your blood in return.


That’s why you can find a lot of information by going through reviews and taking notes.

Check out forums for book readers, too.

Or simply grab the research I’ve already done for you.

Low introduction price until Tuesday 9am EST http://malka.biz/self-help-deal-breakers/

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Henrik V Blunck says May 29, 2017

Humans are interesting. They want help, and when you tell them you need to stop putting fire to a cigarette to stop smoking or stop snacking Twix chocolate bars to lose weight, they get angry at the messenger for pointing out the obvious. I am quite interested in that product and knowing you are among the best authors, you might get a sale. Thanks for sharing.

    Britt Malka says May 29, 2017

    In general I stay away from giving that kind of advice, but if it’s people I care about, I can’t help myself. It’s still unwanted advice. I had a marketer friend who was (is) obese and went on a juicing diet. I told him to be careful. He unfriended me. I saw a picture of him the other day. All black around his eyes. He didn’t look healthy. It’s not healthy to be obese, but how you fight the extra fat on your body matters. And drinking sugar (as in fruit juice) won’t make matters better.

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