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Have you ever been so scared of something…

Something you KNEW would help you, but you were just too afraid to do it?

I’m guilty of that.

Four years ago, I wrote a book about how I overcame a clinical depression. The few people I told about this book said that I could help others with it.

I might even make money with it.

Have I published it?

Shaking head vigorously.

Why not?

Because… Well, because I was scared of the feedback I would get. Scared of reviews from people giving it one-stars and harsh words.

I read a lot of reviews that were really tough, and every time I couldn’t help thinking: That could have been me. How would I feel if I read that review and it was about my book?

Over time, just the mere thought of publishing my depression book made my stomach churn.

But if there’s one thing you can say about me then it’s this: I hate giving up.

So I kept reading reviews and forum comments, and a pattern stood out.

  • Some reviews reflected good things about self-help books. Things that can be used in other self-help books.
  • Some reviews reflected minor annoyances. Good to avoid, but not deal breakers.
  • Some reviews reflected bad, bad things that made the reader throw the book in his fireplace and swear to never buy books by that author again. And those issues could have been avoided.

I took all my notes, and I sorted them in groups, and then I wrote it all down in a way that’s easy to understand.

It makes it possible to avoid most of the bad reviews. And it makes it possible to write and publish self-help books your readers will love.

Plain and simple.

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