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24 hours left and why should you care?

Whenever I get one of those mails with a subject that says, “Twenty-four (or whatever) hours left”, I always think, “And why should I care?”

Do you know that feeling? You have absolutely no idea what that person is talking about, and suddenly he threatens you with doom and brimstone if you don’t “act” within a certain time limit.

I won’t do that.

But I will remind, just in case you’d forgotten, or in case you didn’t see my mail Friday, that you have 24 hours to get the following for an ultra-low price:

  • Done for you research about the Regency Era (will help you avoid horrible mistakes).
  • Five-day workshop (plotting and stuff)

I wont’ fill up this email with details.

You can see them all here http://malka.biz/painless-historical-fiction-regency-special

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