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[Special offer] You’ll finally dare to write in this profitable genre

Like I told you many times, I love using Kindle Spy to browse through Amazon for profitable undiscovered categories.

And once again, I found one with great potential.

At first, I decided to stay away from it, though, because I realized it would take research.

A LOT of research!

Here’s the genre:

Regency Romance

Popular with great potential. That’s as much as you can wish for.

On top of that, there are books with less than 150 pages within the top 100 books.

This means that you can write shorter stories, and your audience will still love them.

But what if it scares you that there’s so much you might not know, like how did the ladies do their hair?

How did they dress?

Did they wear undies? Bra?

How did they wash their clothes? No laundries or washing machines back then.

And what about showers? Bathing? Deodorant?

So many questions…

If that has held you back, until now, I have splendid news for you.

Done for you – grab Painless Historical Fiction: Regency Era and a 5-day text-based workshop here: http://malka.biz/painless-historical-fiction-regency-special

Before you swoon like a young Regency era woman over the low price, I have to tell you that it will go up Monday to $297.97.

So get in now, while the price is at its lowest: Only $39.97.

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