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Free tip to write more fiction

I’ve lost weight.

But not enough. There’s still too much fat on my stomach, and I don’t like it. Besides, it’s unhealthy.

So I bought a book called “Meditate Your Weight” and read the first part of it. The last part is a 21-day challenge, and the author suggests you spend 3 minutes daily meditating to begin with. To get into the habit.

Now, since I’m rather practical minded, I got the idea of combining the daily meditation with another activity: writing fiction.

The last two days, I started by meditating for three minutes in the morning and then I spent 52 minutes writing.

It went MUCH better. More words written, and – more importantly – a quality I liked better.

Try it 🙂 You might like it, and what’s three minutes anyway? It’s good for your health, too.

And if you lack ideas to write about here’s an endless source of them http://malka.biz/endlesskindle/

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