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There’s gold in dem shades

Ever since I was a child and wrote stories on my plastic typewriter, I’ve dreamed about becoming an author.

I can’t say the learning curve was steep. On the contrary. I learned slowly, painfully slowly, until the moment I began to write and not just absorb knowledge.

Lately, there’s one thing that has helped me do a joyful jump from writing short stories and novellas to novels, and that is shadow journals.

I came up with that concept after James Scott Bell briefly mentioned “shadow stories” in a blog post, and it happens daily that I discover, or uncover, things about my story and characters thanks to writing shadow journals.

I highly recommend that you try it out. Start every writing session with five minutes of shadow journal, and you’ll see for yourself.

If you want a detailed guide about how to do it, check this out http://malka.biz/shadow-journal

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