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Is your character suffering from SPES?

Do you feel that something is wrong with your main character… Something you can’t quite figure out, but you know that they could be better?

Or worse: Do your readers leave reviews that say your characters aren’t that original? That they are boring and predictable?

Your main character might be suffering from SPES

That is “Similar Past Events Syndrome”.

Like, who am I talking about here:

His parents died when he was a small boy.

Could be Batman. Or Harry Potter. Or Luke Skywalker.

If your backstory isn’t different from other characters’ backstory, you risk having similar characters as well.

Dull characters without personality and voice.

That’s the problem Mike Nielsen deals with in “7 Days of Hurt”.

I’ve known Mike like forever, and I know that he spent his youth playing role games, which includes coming up with characters, writing their backstories and a bunch more fiction related things. He has great advice to offer in this his latest writing guide.

Having spent 3 full years in school creating characters, he basically has a degree in it (grin).

But creating characters is more than just giving them backstories. It’s also throwing pain at them. Pain, that really hurts. That’s what Mike discovered when he set out to figure out what was wrong about his characters. And that’s why he created “7 Days of Hurt”.

When you sign up, you get access to a membership site with new content daily for seven days (thus the name). Every day, you’ll get 10 new events, incidents and generally “bad things” to throw at your characters.

And if you want to learn more about creating unique backstories, then you should go for the upsell as well. It shows you with examples how you can do it.

Check out “7 Days of Hurt” here http://malka.im/7daysofhurt

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