By Britt Malka / April 4, 2017

I finished a novel today 😀

It’s the first novel I’ve finished. All my other stories have been either short stories or novellas.

While writing it, I decided never to write a novel again, but now that I’m done, I’ve changed my mind.

I started this one in November as my NaNoWriMo project. Then I got ill. Twice. I kept writing my novel, but I didn’t want to add stress to my life, so I took it slowly.

“Le-at, le-at,” as we say here in Israel 😀

Before starting NaNoWriMo, I consulted my friend, prizewinning author and writing coach Lynn Johnston, and I did an interview with her. Not based on my questions, but based on questions I’d received from subscribers in emails. It’s a great preparation for NaNoWriMo and, of course, to any fiction writing projects.

Lynn has added a ton of bonuses to the interview. They are really helpful.

Take a look at what you get here http://malka.biz/finish-your-novel-in-30-days/

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