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Easy path to short story

Did you check the Amazon best-seller lists recently?

I did. And I got one of the top books through my Kindle Unlimited subscription. It looked good. Great title, great cover, great description.

Horrible writing. I never made it past chapter one.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that has happened to me – that I have to put down an awful book with a top ranking.

And then you find great books, buried at the bottom of the rankings where nobody ever finds them.

You could just as well tie a stone to your book and throw it in the water.


What do these top-ranking authors do that’s different?

It’s certainly not the quality of their books. No. They have one asset that other writers don’t.

They have a list.

To build a list of readers, you need three things:

  1. A free story.
  2. An opt-in page.
  3. An auto-responder.

You can build an opt-in page either with free forms or by using a plugin that can help you create beautiful landing pages.

You can start out with a free auto-responder script on your WordPress blog, or you can go for Aweber or GetResponse or similar.

And as for the short story?

Tomorrow, my Shadow Journal Workshop opens its doors. Inside, you’ll discover that by using a shadow journal, writing that story becomes a lot easier.

As an example, I have almost 6,000 words in my Shadow Journal. I can turn them into a story much easier than if I was starting from scratch.

How does it all come together? You’ll learn that over three days, and at the same time you’ll be writing your story.

Last chance today.

When the workshop opens, I’ll remove the buy button. I’ll make the workshop available again later, but not for the same low introductory price.

Writing daily Shadow Journal snippets has changed my fictional life. Let it change yours, too.

Here’s the link http://malka.biz/shadow-journal

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