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Good product in spite of the hype

The hype and the claims nearly scared me away, but I’m glad I took an extra look.

You might have seen this product already. It’s called “5K Publishing Payday” and I first heard about it on my Skype group where somebody pointed out that the sales page promised “cash in 27 days”.

That’s simply not possible, when you publish on Kindle. Sure, you can make money from day 1, but you won’t have money in your bank until after two months.

That said, something about it intrigued me enough to buy. And I actually liked the product a lot.

It’s well made, and it explains very well how you can (manually or with Kindle Spy) find profitable topics to write short nonfiction books about.

The course is made by Mike Temples, a German guy, who makes 5K per month with his publishing business. He isn’t writing his books himself but outsources it, and he tells you how you can do the same. Obviously, you can also write your books yourself.

There were two things I noted about the course: He talks about using keywords both in the title of the book and the keywords, and I’ve heard that Amazon doesn’t like it. But I don’t have anything concrete about it. I haven’t had problems with it myself.

Second thing is that he recommends doing review swaps. I don’t recommend doing that. It’s greyhat.

Other than that, I got very inspired by the course.

Take a look here http://malka.im/5kpublishingpayday

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