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Famous Danish author attacked me

Since I was very young, I dreamed about writing fiction. But getting published as a fiction writer is close to impossible.

Making money with it, back then… Only for the few.

So when I created a blog in 2010 called “skriv og bliv rig” (write and get rich), I told my readers that they should write nonfiction.

I knew, because I’d been writing computer books for IDG Books Denmark since 2001 and for two other publishing houses since 1998.

Four years ago, out of the blue, this Danish author (Maria Helleberg) attacked me on my blog, saying that people should contact her, because SHE knew how to make money with her writing as opposed to me.

Apparantly, miss Helleberg didn’t buy computer books ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Or dictionaries, judging from her spelling.)

Today, things are difference. Kindle changed it all.

You still have to write your book, and instead of doing what I did to begin with, spending months writing one book, you can speed things up a lot.

On the basis of years of experience, I came up with a system that I share in “How to Write Your Own Kindle Book in Two Days or Less”.

See what it’s all about here: http://brittmalka.com/WSO/kindle-in-two-days-direct.html

There’s even a pictures of my Danish books ๐Ÿ˜€

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