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My latest product – Shadow Journal

You probably know that I’m a huge fan of James Scott Bell.

He publishes a blog post every Sunday, and I usually read them and learn.

One Sunday last year, he mentioned a “shadow story” and for me that was instant attraction. It made so much sense to me that I began using it in my own work.

Soon after I developed my own tweak, and Shadow Journals were born.

Now I write them daily, and it meant increased motivation to write, a better understanding of all my characters, including the villain.

What’s more, I began using my shadow journals to warm up readers to buy my book. People loved it (and so did I, of course).

I’m really excited about this ebook. I honestly believe that it can make your fiction sparkle and add a new depth to your stories. I know it did to mine.

Check out how you can use the shadow to make your fiction shine http://malka.biz/shadow-journal/

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