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Stupid me, forgot the most important

I got an email from Margi, who said:

“Just to say that I followed the lead for the very useful book promotion course within the time span, but it was not ten dollars! Great shame because it looks excellent…”

I told her to use the coupon code I’d sent her. Then I went looking for the code. Erm… After ten minutes or so, I finally figured it out. I’d only sent it to one person in private, and I remembered it as if I’d sent it out to everybody.

Okay, so you only have today to get this deal, and now let me share the part that Margi read AND the coupon code.


You probably know the feeling of confusion when you’ve finished writing a book.

Now what?

Yes, sure, you need to edit, proof, and publish it, but then what? Market it? Pay for Facebook ads?

What if it still doesn’t sell?

That’s a nightmare for a lot of people, and writing books becomes an expensive hobby.

If you’ve ever written a nonfiction book that hardly sold, only to see other, similar books ranking well on the best-seller lists, you know how frustrating it can be. Grrrrrr!

I just finished a book yesterday

So I’m in that situation now. I’ve written it in a new category under a new pen name. I want it to do well.

How do I increase its odds?

I wanted to get the answer from someone I knew had published successful nonfiction books, so it was only natural to turn to Ian Stables, who’s made a Udemy course about the top three things that sell most Kindle nonfiction books.

I snapped it up for only $10. Normally it goes for $145.

In the course, Ian goes over the three things that he found helped selling books. Optimizing these three areas means that your book continues to sell and stays in the best-sellers. No further promotion needed.

Give your book the best start possible. The price is still low for the next 18 hours.

Check Ian’s course here https://goo.gl/FzNmsk

Here’s the coupon code: BREAKTHRU

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