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What happens when we don’t look

Last night, while my husband Cyril and I played World of Warcraft, we suddenly noticed something odd.


This is unusual, if you have both an active 3-year-old Shikoku dog and a 7-year-old Siamese cat, who both enjoy a good game of pet-battle.

My husband opened the door to the corridor, and there they were, fighting in silence. Because they know that we stop them if we find out what’s going on. (We stop them, because we fear the dog will go too far and not be aware of her strength.)

That’s how it is, in life as well as fiction. There’s always something going on off-stage, and sometimes that’s the little “something” that gives the story depth.

If you know how to explore it.

Tomorrow, I’m publishing a new fiction product which I call “Shadow Journal: How to Write Better Stories and Make Your Villain Sell Your Book”.

I’m proud of that product, because discovering the Shadow Journal has made writing fiction much more fun to me. Several times I discovered things about my characters that changed my writing, and which I otherwise wouldn’t have found. And then I use the method for soft-marketing as well. People love it.

More about all that tomorrow. If things go as planned, you’ll see an email from me 10am EST with a link to buy the book. You’re in for a fun experience.

See you tomorrow 🙂

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