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Best-selling author gave one piece of advice

I used to be in a Skype group with several other people, including a New York bestselling indie author.

Back then, I hadn’t even started to write fiction yet, but I asked her what she’d done to get success.

Her reply was short, and the solution is really simple: Get your book in front of as many people as possible.

Simple doesn’t mean easy, as you can see.

Well, back when Kindle started, it was easy. You just gave your book away for free. Today, it costs you advertising, social media campaigns, more advertising, a lot of work getting reviews…

In short: A lot of work and money.

Or you can follow the blueprint Bill Platt has just published. It’s thinking outside-the-box for sure!

Bill shares a free service that can get your ebooks into 1000’s of libraries all over the United States. They are willing to make your ebooks available to millions of library patrons, at no cost to you.

Talk about getting your book in front of as many eyes as possible 🙂

50% of surveyed library patrons say that once they discover an author they like in their local library, they often buy books from those authors. That means more sales, more readers.

Doesn’t that sound great? Go here for more http://malka.im/bill-library

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