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Guess and win

It’s Friday, so why not have a bit of fun?

As you know, I work on several different projects during my work days. Typically, I start with fiction, then I check and answer emails, then I have some books I promised to write, then I write emails, and then if there’s still time, I work on a new product. Finally, I stop working at 4pm, walk my dog, and come home to draw daily cartoons.

Right now, I’m working on a new product, and that product just got an introduction. 😀 I wrote the outline last week.

This is a screenshot of the title page:

Guess next NF book

Can you guess what I’m writing?

If you hit the right topic, you’ll get the book for free.

I plan to launch the book February 7th, so you have until February 2nd to deliver your guesses.

Just write your wild guesses here together with your email, so I know where I should send the prize:

Click here to guess https://goo.gl/forms/swwkOuMBYViWP1Ea2

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