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How to make money with your books

Whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction, there’s one factor you have to take into consideration, if you want to sell your books.

If you bought the Stables course I recommended for nonfiction writers, you know what that is:


Some buyers will go through Amazon’s categories, but a lot of other buyers will simply go to Amazon and type in whatever they are looking for.

Can you imagine what happens if you put your book in front of these people? Yes, exactly. You stand a much better chance of selling your book than if they don’t see your book at all.

There are several ways you can find out what keywords people are looking for:

  • You can go to Amazon, choose Kindle Store and type in a word and a space and see what comes up. For example type “how to” and you’ll see a list popping up. You can go from there and pick one of them as your keywords. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know how many times those words are used for a search.
  • Use a service that will tell you how many people per month type the word into Amazon. Unfortunately, this costs $32 per month, and I must confess I forgot the name of the service, because for that price I’m not interested.
  • Use a Keyword tool like Bing’s or Google’s. That doesn’t tell you how many of those searches are looking for free answers, and how many are willing to buy.

Are you left with the option of guessing?

Nope 🙂

Here’s what you can do:

If you get KDP Rocket, that tool will tell you what you want to know and even more. This is what it does:

  1. Tells you how many people per month type the word into Amazon.
  2. Tells you how much money books are making on average for that keyword phrase.
  3. Tells you how competitive that keyword or niche is.
  4. Gives suggestions on better keywords and niches that will be more profitable.

This means several things.

  • It means that it can help you revive a dead book.
  • And that you can validate your book ideas before you even start writing.
  • You can select keywords that actually get searched for.
  • You can improve your title, subtitle, and book description when you know what people are really searching for.
  • If you’re using AMS for your promotion, you’ll know which keywords to use for your ad, so you can get a good return on investment.

Should you make this investment?

Getting KDP Rocket means that you’ll have to invest a sum of money in it. Is it worth it?

Right now, the price is $67 (going up to $97 February 1st). You might think that’s a lot of money for a keyword tool, but if you look at it this way, it could be the wrong decision not to get it:

KDP Rocket pays for itself:1. If KDP Rocket helps you sell 34 more books priced at $2.99 in your entire writing career, it paid for itself.2. If KDP Rocket stops you from writing one book that no one is looking for on Amazon, then it paid for itself 10x over.

Do you think that having the right keywords would help you sell 34 more books in your entire writing career?

I would say yes.

Anyway, if you’re in doubt, then get it now, because the creator, Dave Chesson, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. But if you hesitate and postpone your decision until February 2nd, then you’ll have to pay $97.

Check out KDP Rocket here http://malka.im/kdprocket

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