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Get paid to write on the wild side

This is fast and easy money for the right person, but that person is only you if you are willing to write adult content.

Rob Howard has created a product that shows you how you can get paid to write short stories, often with kinky content. The payment is between $25 to $65 per 2,500 words. You can probably type that up in an hour.

The thing about erotica is that it’s not literarily as demanding as other fiction genres. You don’t have to edit and polish your story. Just proof it, and good enough is good enough. The readers focus on the content more than the performance. You should do your best, always, of course, but the snippets I saw were not exactly Hemingway lookalikes, if you know what I mean.

So there’s an opportunity here.

I was highly surprised when I saw the place you could sell these writing services on. I knew that place, but had no idea that you could sell fiction there.

Rob’s book “Erotica Money System” explains where to go, and how to start selling your writing.

If you want more hand-holding, then take a look at the upsells. The first one is a Q&A session with the woman, who found this system and shared it with Rob. The second one is several storyline templates you can tweak into your own stories.

You also get two handy bonus files. One with questions to ask the potential client, and one for promoting your writing.

If hot and spicy writing is your stuff, but you don’t want to hassle with Kindle formatting, getting covers, promoting your books and stuff, then you should take a look at “Erotica Money System”.

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