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New pen name

How are you today?

I’m feeling better. Only slightly worried about a swollen lip. Having had angioedema makes you really scared of such small things, I would never have noticed before.

Otherwise, I’m working slowly, but steadily, in launching a series of nonfiction books from a new pen name. I’ve written the first book, and Nate have proofed it. I’ve bought the domain, and set up the blog. Now I just need to set up an autoresponder, the form and a few more things before I can publish the book.

I take one small step at a time, because I have other things I must work on, too. And I don’t want to burn out.

But now it’s weekend and relax time ๐Ÿ™‚ Frostie the cat and Nefnef the dog have been totally quiet today. I wonder if they are saving their energy for tonight and plan on doing some energetic pet battles ๐Ÿ˜‰ They love that. Sigh.

I’m off again. Have a great weekend.

If you’re working on a new pen name, too, and want some inspiration for how to run an author blog, you might like my book about it. You’ll find it here http://malka.biz/your-author-blog/

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