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Did you work on your fiction today?

How are you doing today?

Me, I’m almost fine, and happy to have the Internet back. Lynn sent me a copy of the webinar she did with Beth Barany about editing for compelling characters.

But before I started to watch, I did some more scene outlining in the novel I’m working at. Only a few more scenes to go, so that made me feel good about myself.

Then I watched the webinar, and I must say that it’s interesting stuff. The thing about us having more than 20 senses is not something Beth invented. It’s scientifically proven, and it makes sense (oooh, pun not intended) when she explains it.

She also explains how you can use it in your stories. Using your character’s 20+ senses is also a great way to add a particular “voice” to each person. That again made sense to me. Two people can be next to each other, experiencing the same thing, but sensing it in two different ways.

I’m glad our Internet connection came back yesterday afternoon, so I could download the webinar this morning. And I’m glad I had time to watch it today.

Now I’m off to do some nonfiction writing, and after that it’s weekend.

Have a great weekend.

If you’re interested, you can still get access to Lynn and Beth’s webinar. You’ll find it here: http://malka.im/bethlynn20senses

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