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Bride in black

When you walk a dog like Nefnef and see the world through her eyes, there’s always something exciting going on.

Today, we saw a photographer in the park. That’s not unusual. Newly married couples goes there all the time to have their pictures take. What was different, though, was that the photographer was alone and speaking on the phone.

Nefnef and I continued our walk and in the bushes we saw the bride. I don’t know if she was changing her clothes or what she was doing in there, but she was a gorgeous and very unusual sight: Black top with long sleeves and naked shoulders. A tiny black skirt, only covering her butt, and a longer black tulle skirt over it. I couldn’t help staring after her. She was really a sight.

She could become a worthy heroine in a book 😀

That reminds me… If you need help creating your heroines, maybe this will help you? One of the character types is the strong, independent woman with a past. But there are more types.

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